Mission & Vision

  • Mission Statement:

             Our mission at East Jefferson High School is to educate all students so that they can reach their full potential in a safe and nurturing environment.


           The ultimate goal of an effective school is to have a place where learning is taking place in a safe environment and all young ladies and gentlemen are exhibiting appropriate conduct and enjoying themselves in the process.

           An effective student is one who is courteous at all times, respects others, respects other persons’ property, attends all classes, is punctual to school and all classes, brings all materials to all classes, works in each class, does all homework, studies 7 – 15 hours a week, makes at least a minimum of all C’s in all subjects and gets involved in school activities and organizations.

          East Jefferson is a great school because we have great students, great teachers and a great staff. You can make East Jefferson even better.

Our Principal