Mission & Vision

  • We are very appreciative for the opportunity parents have given us to help prepare their sons and daughters to acquire the skills needed to earn a living in today’s workforce.  We are hoping the number of students we provide services for will grow each semester.  Industry is in need of many skilled workers.  Those workers will earn great wages.

    Cuillier Career Center is a “CAREER-ED SCHOOL” that provides skill training opportunities to students in 10 areas:

    • Auto Body
    • Auto Tech
    • Barbering
    • Carpentry
    • Cosmetology
    • Electrical
    • Welding
    • Dental Assistance
    • Graphic Arts
    • Machine Shop
    • Nursing Assistance
    • Custom Sewing

    These programs provide skill training for all students:  those planning to attend college, students planning to go to work immediately after graduating, and those who are unsure about the goals for their future.  The training provides students with:

    1. The opportunity to get a good paying job.
    2. The opportunity to “explore a field related to a career they will choose.”
    3. A skill to earn a wage while in college to help pay bills.
    4. The ability to be employable anywhere in the United States!

    Cuillier students learn by doing “Hands-On-Activities.”  They learn the safety requirements that industry demand workers have before entering the workforce.  As students obtain skills in one of the programs, we offer those students assistance in finding internships.  The goal is to provide students real work experience while interacting with other workers.  We prepare your child for the total work experience.

    School Motto: “Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”

    Our Core Business: The core business of Cuillier Career Center is to provide continuous training that will prepare students to become skilled workers and lifelong learners in a competitive workforce.

    Vision Statement: Cuillier Career Center teachers and staff are dedicated to creating a school-wide culture where students identify, select, and pursue career pathways and develop necessary skills that lead to post-secondary career and/or college opportunities.

    Mission Statement: The mission of Cuillier Career Center is to deliver the highest quality Career and Technical Programs that provide students with the opportunity to acquire challenging academic, technical skills and thus be prepared for the high-skill, high wages, and high priority occupations of a competitive 21st century global economy.

    Parents, you and other community members play a great role in assistance Cuillier in obtaining and completing our mission for all students.  Help us by doing the following:

    • Reinforce school rules.
    • Praise all signs of responsibility shown by your child.
    • Help your child make right choices in difficult moments.
    • Encourage your child to focus on 3 daily goals.
    • Complete Schools Surveys.
    • Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Provide accurate “Contact Information.”
    • Support Student Activities.
    • Really listen to your child when you have conversations.
    • Ask your child questions about school and school assignments.

Our Principal