• 22-23 G.T. Woods Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association was created during the 2021-2022 school year. After Hurricane Ida, many students wanted to be a part of rebuilding our Woods community/family. 
    The Student Government Association was created to give our students an opportunity to lead all of our Eagles to excellence. Our members are an intricate part of their learning experience and their learning environment. The goal of the student council is to create an environment where student voices are not only heard but considered in the learning process. 
    During the first few weeks of school, students in grades 6-8 sign up for respective roles held by students at their grade levels. Then, based on a small list of requirements, students participate in the application process. This application consists of questions that allow candidates the opportunity to reflect on why they want to participate in The Students' Government Association, and also what qualities they have to be a great leader for all students. 
    Next, students begin campaigning and working on their election speeches. Students are given 2 weeks to prepare speeches and convince their peers why they would make a great leader. 
    On election day after speeches are delivered, grades 3-8 complete a virtual ballot to vote in a very intense and exciting election. 
    Our elected officials are announced the next school day. 


  • School Wide Pep Rally and Goal Setting Day October 6, 2022 

    G.T. Woods would like to say a big, "Thank You," to Proclaimed Community Outreach. As a part of their grant, we were able to surprise our students with free snowballs after our School Wide Pep Rally and Goal Setting Day.  Students received their data binders and set their personal goals for the year, and then ended the day cooling off with a refreshing snowball. 

    Thank you Proclaimed Community Outreach!




    G.T. Woods Eagles Soaring High!

    JPS honored G.T. Woods on October 5th at the JPS Board Meeting for being named October 2022 "JPS SCHOOL OF THE MONTH".

    Every month, JP Schools highlights academic excellence through its School of the Month program. The honor acknowledges schools that are implementing practices that generate positive student outcomes.


    Soaring with Eagle Pride. We Can. We Will.


  • 3rd. Grade Students Working on Venn Diagrams

    Venn diagrams are known to improve children's decision-making, classification, and sorting skills. They're also a great way of encouraging students to apply logic and reasoning to their work.

    G.T. Woods Soaring with Eagle Pride!

    Venn Diagram..