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    Universal School Supply Lists for 2020-2021

    • We want to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for our families to purchase necessary school supplies and ensure their students' success. With the help of our Superintendent's Teacher, Principal, and Parent Councils, we worked to create universal school supply lists for next year.

      These lists have been created to give our families a quick reference of what each student will need for August. Elementary and secondary students have different needs, so please review these lists by grade level.

       6th- 8th Grade Supply List 2020-2021



      9th - 12th Grade Supply List 2020-2021



JP Schools Student Fees

  • All schools will now begin using the same schedule of fees. This is a list of authorized school fees that includes each fee’s purpose, use, amount or authorized range, and how each will be collected. 

    In addition, families who meet the guidelines for waivers may receive a 50% reduction in student fees. Fees covered by the amended policy are any monetary payment or supplies required as a condition of a student being enrolled in school or participating in any curricular or co-curricular activity. This does not include fees associated with before or after-care, class trips, items purchased through third-party vendors, and fees associated with extracurricular activities. 

    Some examples of waiver eligibility include active military, foster care, homelessness, or families who are on government assistance. 

    Parents or legal guardians may request and receive a waiver of payment of a fee due to economic hardship. Waivers are available on the district’s website (see below), with the school counselor/social worker, and at the district’s Compliance Office (501 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA 70058). If a waiver is denied at the school level, the parent or legal guardian may appeal the decision to the district’s Compliance Office. 

Fisher Student Fees

  • Science: $10.00
    Technology: $10.00
    Art: $10.00
    NHS: $20.00
    NJHS: $20.00
    Digital Media: $10 or a flashdrive
    Freshman; $50.00
    Sophomore: $50.00
    Junior: $50.00
    Senior: $50.00


    Class Dues Information Sheet

      ·         Every year your child must pay for class dues in High School.

    ·         The dues are $50 per year (See Above)

    ·         This allows to take care of the needs of the class like but not limited to decorations for the float & sign, Prom Venue fee, DJ, graduation items, Jr. breakfast and Sr. breakfast

    ·          If not used this money rolls over each year for the Classes

    ·         Class dues can be paid by checks made out to Fisher, cash or on the

    ·         Class dues can be paid in two $25 payments until paid in full for that year or $50 at once, we would like dues to be paid by January 31st.

    ·         If paying at school your child will pay their dues to their class Sponsor

    ·         If dues are not paid each year the amount will accumulate and the previous years will be added to the current year.