Student Records

Contact Info

  • 2529 Jean Lafitte Blvd
    Lafitte, LA 70067

    Phone: 504-689-3665
    Fax: 504-689-7556

Student Fees

  • All fees can be paid through

    Science: $10.00
    Technology: $10.00
    Art: $20.00
    NHS: $20.00
    NJHS: $20.00
    Digital Media: $10 or a flashdrive
    Freshman; $50.00
    Sophomore: $50.00
    Junior: $50.00
    Senior: $50.00


    Class Dues Information Sheet

      ·         Every year your child must pay for class dues in High School.

    ·         The dues are $50 per year (See Above)

    ·         This allows to take care of the needs of the class like but not limited to decorations for the float & sign, Prom Venue fee, DJ, graduation items, Jr. breakfast and Sr. breakfast

    ·          If not used this money rolls over each year for the Classes

    ·         Class dues can be paid by checks made out to Fisher, cash or on the

    ·         Class dues can be paid in two $25 payments until paid in full for that year or $50 at once, we would like dues to be paid by January 31st.

    ·         If paying at school your child will pay their dues to their class Sponsor

    ·         If dues are not paid each year the amount will accumulate and the previous years will be added to the current year.