• APAAS - Open House 2020-2021

    This year we will be conducting our Open House for preosprective families virtually to provide a safe method for families and students to learn more about our school policies and procedures and obtain any information needed prior to applying! The application window is open from September 28 - October 16.  Visit www.jpschools.org for the latest information and to complete the application process online.  


    Step 1: General Information


    School Times

    7:20 am - 2:10 pm

    Students can not be on campus until 6:50 am.

    Childcare is offered in the afternoons until 6 pm.




    Airline Park Academy provides a safe, secure, caring environment where with high expectations, all students are challenged to develop academically, socially, and emotionally.


    EAGLE  P.R.I.D.E.







    Airline Park Academy for Advanced Studies is one of the four JPS Advanced Academies.   Current enrollment is 400 students in Pre-K through 5th grades. 


    Enrollment for 2021 - 2022 is expected to be at maximum capacity with three sections of PreK and K and two sections of 1st - 5th.  Staffing is at 20:2 (teacher/para) in Pre-K, 26:1 in grades K through 3 and 33:1 in grades 4 and 5.


    Students must apply for admission and score at or above the 85th percentile on the test for admissions.  Once accepted, students must meet academic and behavioral requirements of good standing to continue at our school.


    As an Advanced Studies Academy, our program is based on the Renzulli School Enrichment Model.  In addition to the advanced academic curriculum, enrichment clusters are offered to all students. 


    Students qualifying for Gifted and/or Talented (Theatre, Visual Art, Music) receive additional specialized instruction in these areas.


    We are refining and adding to our program each day.  We are very proud of the work of our students and staff as we foster a unique school environment for our APAAS families.


    School Performance Results

    Grade             A



    All of our professional staff, teachers, and librarian are Louisiana state certified and were selected through a competitive interview process.  Each is highly qualified, experienced, and committed to excellence. 



    The Tier 1 academic curriculum is based on the Louisiana State Standards. www.louisianabelieves.com

    Students in Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grades are working one grade level ahead in ELA.   Science, Social Studies and Math are taught on grade level.



    Students visit the library weekly. All students attend physical education/health instruction daily.

    Gifted/Talented programs for qualified students are provided.

    Enrichment clubs, such as Scouts, Chess, Academic Games, Yoga, Soccer Shots, Drama Kids and Mad Science are available after school.



    Each classroom is equipped with a Promethean interactive white board and all accessories.  Other technology tools used for classroom instruction are document cameras, iPads, multiple desktop/laptop computers, and high-speed Internet access.   Students visit one of our two STEM labs weekly, as well.  Also available at our school are iPads and Chromebooks in grades Pre-K through 2nd, Chromebooks for each child in 3rd through 5th, and various student online software subscriptions.



    Parents are encouraged and expected to be partners in their child’s education. 

    Field trips and special school activities are only a few opportunities for involvement.

    Parent/teacher/school communication is through Gmail, agendas/folders, newsletters and website, Twitter and FaceBook.



    Our PTO is very active and plays a vital role in providing funding for our school programs. 



    Contact Info: 





    Step 2: Welcome Message from our Principal 


    If you would like to Zoom with our principal the week of October 5th, please call the office at 888-0969.  The staff will get your name and email address at that time.  Ms. LeBouef will send out a zoom link for early next week. Thank you!


    Step 3: Supplies

    Please follow the district supply lists found on our website here.  


    Step 4: Masks

    All students are required to wear a mask at all times. We suggest you put an extra mask in a brown paper bag inside of the school bag. Also, make sure all masks have the student’s name on it.


    Step 5: Transportation

    Students may ride a JPS bus or use carline to go to and from school.   


    Step 6: COVID SAFETY

    Airline Park will follow the district’s policies for safety. 

    • Temperature checks at the beginning of the day, and periodically throughout the day.
    • Anyone registering a temperature of 99.4 and higher will be sent to the office for a temp recheck. If their temperature is still elevated, a parent will be contacted to pick up the student. 
    • Water fountain mouth spouts will not be accessible. Students should have a water bottle with them to refill throughout the day.
    • If a person is experiencing below symptoms they will be sent to the wellness room until a parent retrieves them from school
      • Chills or shaking
      • Muscle pain
      • Headache
      • Sore throat
      • Facial flushing
      • Generalized rash
      • Fever of 99.4 F or greater 
      • Persistent cough not related to a known underlying condition
      • Shortness of breath
      • New loss of taste or smelll
      • Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
      • Two or more of the following symptoms:
    • Hand Sanitizer pumps throughout the hallways
    • Sanitation of classrooms happening throughout the day
    • Students will be expected to wash hands before collecting their food in the cafeteria and in the restrooms
    • Students will receive hand sanitizer as they enter campus every morning.


    Step 7: Grading Policy

    The school year is divided into 4 - 9 week terms.

    Pre-K & K

    Progress Reports each 9 weeks

    1st & 2nd Grades

    ELA & Math: 7 tests & 6 participation grades each 9 weeks

    Science & Social Studies: 6 participation grades each 9 weeks

    3rd Grade

    ELA,Math, Science, & Social Studies 

    7 tests & 6 participation grades each 9 weeks

    * Science & Social Studies are non-promotional.

    4th & 5th Grades

    ELA,Math, Science, & Social Studies

    7 tests & 6 participation grades each 9 weeks

    * Science & Social Studies are promotional.



    The school district provides a means to monitor your student’s grades and attendance electronically via the JCAMPUS Student Progress Center.  The information regarding parent/guardian will be provided to students and families at the beginning of the school year.



    A report card will be issued to your child every nine (9) weeks term.  Parents/guardians must sign the report card envelope, but may keep the report card document itself. Report card envelopes are expected to be returned the day after they are issued.  The key on the report card will indicate the progress made by your student.



    An interim report will be issued at the midway point of the marking period.  These reports will indicate the current academic progress for your student.  Please note if your student is having academic or behavior issues at this point.


    Step 8: Meet Our Teachers!


    Click the icons below to access each grade-level's introduction presentation! By viewing the presentations below you will be able to meet our teachers!     

    prek k 1 2 3 4 5  Fox E art drama




    Step 9: Childcare


    • Registration Fee (one time): $20.00
    • Daily Rate: $7.00
    • Weekly Rate: $27.00


     Community Project

    Art for the Sky with Daniel Dancer 2019