Health Center
  • Riverdale School Based Health Center is one of 11 school-based health centers Jefferson
    Parish School District operates.  A school-based health center is a comprehensive healthcare
    clinic that is housed within a school and provides students with medical and mental health
    services.  A key benefit of the SBHC is that it keeps students in school and parents at work and

    reduces emergency room visits.

    Consented students of the SBHC can receive services from a licensed physician, nurse
    practitioner, licensed clinical social worker, or psychiatrist who can diagnose and treat

    physical or mental illness early and cost effectively.

    In order for a student to receive services, a written or electronic consent must be fully

    completed by a parent/guardian.

    There are no out-of-pocket costs for any student, insured or uninsured. Co-payments are
    waived for all students enrolled at our SBHC.  Commercial insurances including Medicaid and
    Medicare are accepted. Students who are uninsured can also receive care with a consent and
    enrollment form on file with the health center. Services are given to all students at NO COST.
    All students must have a current consent and enrollment form on file to be seen at the
    Riverdale School Based Health Center. Consent and enrollment forms are sent home at the
    beginning of the year; however, parents may sign their child up for services at any time during
    the school year. Electronic consent forms may also be found on the right-hand side of this
    webpage through a QR code or links. Paper consent forms can also be found and printed on

    the right-hand side of this webpage.

    If you have an emergency outside of school hours, please call 9-1-1.

    To learn more about our other school-based health programs in Jefferson Parish please visit

    our site at or scan:


    One of our partners at Riverdale is Access Health of Louisiana. AHL partners with Jefferson
    Parish School to provide services at our 11 School based Health Centers in the district. Access
    Health Louisiana operates 41 school-based health centers in twelve parishes.  To learn more
    about their successful program, click here.

    Riverdale SBHCs Electronic Consent & Enrollment Forms:
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