Overview of Proposed 2023 Infrastructure and Efficiency Plan

  • Meyers Engineering/MGT Consulting presented the 2023 Infrastructure and Efficiency Plan to the Jefferson Parish School Board on March 27, 2023. This proposed plan would expand opportunities for kids, maintain educator jobs, address staffing shortages and our aging facilities, and stabilize our financial future.  

    Under the proposed plan, eight schools would be consolidated and students would be reabsorbed into other schools:

    • Grace King High School students would be absorbed into Bonnabel High School and Riverdale High School
    • Gretna Middle School students would be absorbed into Marrero Middle School and Livaudais Middle School
    • G.T. Woods Elementary students would be absorbed into Bissonet Plaza Elementary School and Tom Benson School
    • Helen Cox High School students would be absorbed into John Ehret High School,LW Higgins High School, and West Jefferson High School
    • Joshua Butler Elementary students would be absorbed into Judge Lionel Collins Elementary, Isaac Joseph Elementary, and Truman School
    • Mildred Harris Elementary students would be absorbed into Cherbonnier Elementary and Emmett Gilbert Elementary 
    • Washington Elementary students would be absorbed into Bunche Elementary
    • St. Ville Elementary students would be absorbed into Woodmere Elementary while a new school is being built at the current St. Ville site. Once the new school construction is completed at St. Ville’s current site, a new St. Ville Elementary will open. At that time, school lines will be redrawn to include the St. Ville Elementary, Woodmere Elementary, Shirley Johnson Gretna Park Elementary, and George Cox Elementary campuses.  

    Two schools would relocate their campuses and students:

    • Haynes Academy would relocate to the Grace King High School campus
    • Thomas Jefferson Academy would relocate to the Gretna Middle School campus

    One school would expand to a PK-8 school:

    • C.T. Janet Elementary (currently PK-5)

    The proposed 2023 Infrastructure and Efficiency Plan, along with communications and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. can be viewed below.

    There will be a Regular Session School Board meeting in which the board will consider approving the proposed plan. The meeting will be held on April 5, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at the JP Schools Administrative Office (501 Manhattan Boulevard, Harvey, LA 70058).


  • March 31, 2023 Update

  • March 27, 2023 Update

  • March 13, 2023 Update

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 3/31/2023)

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  • If approved, when will these changes take effect?

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  • What are some of the trends the district has seen in teacher shortages?

  • How old are the facilities in the district?

  • What schools are impacted by the proposed plan?

  • Will there be any schools converted from a PK-5 to a PK-8 school?

  • Are our schools at capacity?

  • What schools will be relocated?

  • What is a PK-8 school?

Reading Approved at February 2023 School Board Meeting

  • Amended and Approved Second Reading: Move that the plan be presented for Board approval at the April 5, 2023 Board meeting. A contract with Meyer Engineers, LTD. and MGT Consulting Group requires completion of their work, and presentation of a report after nine community meetings are held by March 31, 2023, addressing the above considerations, to the Superintendent, at a cost not to exceed $400,000.00 to be paid from general funds. (Approved Second Reading at February 1, 2023 meeting)  Click here to watch the Second Reading.  

    Original First Reading: Move that the Jefferson Parish Administration provide this Board with a revised "2023 Infrastructure and Efficiency Plan" informed by the following considerations: school consolidations to optimize occupancy and reduce operational costs, expansion of the Pk-8 model where appropriate, increase Early Childhood Education (ETC) seats where possible, expanded opportunities for Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings, ensures greater efficiency in transportation costs, eliminating light loads and dead mileage as much as possible, creates future opportunities for purchasing/leasing of buses which includes establishing a site for overnight paring and maintenance, and any pervasive, urgent issues at any of our campuses. This plan is to be presented to the Board at the March 2023 meeting. (First Reading at January 4, 2023 meeting authored by Mr. Derrick Shepherd)