JP Schools Hour of Fun

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Hour of Fun

Hour of Fun Activities

  • Banner of Thanks: November 2021

    Each school or Central Office department will create a Banner of Thanks where each individual on your campus or in your unit will write on a Sticky Note something or someone they are thankful for. The sticky can be as creative as the person writing it. The sticky notes will be placed on your Banner of Thanks and displayed in a prominent area on your campus or in your unit. You can use bulletin board paper, butcher paper, or whatever you choose to make your banner. Be as creative as you desire. Give your Banner a theme (Fall Theme etc. whatever your school or unit comes up with). Feel free to play appropriate music school wide during this Hour of Fun. Since this activity will more than likely take place during a class period, make certain the Teachers collect the sticky notes from the students at the end of the activity. Teachers should read the sticky notes before having them placed on the school banner for appropriateness of content. You may want to identify a person or persons on your campus or unit to place the sticky notes on your banner.

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