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  • important announcement


    Please complete the attached form if your child intends to return to JVHS for the 2023-24 school year. Your submission must be in by March 10, 2023. Graduating seniors do not need to fill out the form.


    important announcement

    2022-23 Jefferson Virtual High School Application for Admission 


    *Application Window: February 14, 2022-March 1, 2022 (new students only)


    Jefferson Virtual High School will provide families with a flexible, individualized educational experience, both in terms of course options and personalized instruction by certified teachers, utilizing high-quality state-approved curriculum through a virtual learning approach.

    For a list of Frequently Asked Questions that is updated on a rolling basis, please see here.

    Mission Statement

    The mission statement of Jefferson Virtual High School is to provide an excellent learning experience for students, within their own homes; to engage our students in a rigorous and intentional curriculum that encourages students to discover and apply new learning in a safe, nurturing, and technology immersive environment, ensuring student growth and producing contributing members of society.

    Vision Statement

    Each student will leave the school prepared to pursue higher education in any field of his/her choice. Jefferson Virtual High School reflects the philosophy that all members of the school family will apply their skills, knowledge, time and experiences to achieve student success and secure America’s future.Instructional Model

    • Teachers will use both online educational materials and student interaction with traditional classroom methods.
    • Students will learn virtually and the teacher will teach virtually.
    • This model requires the virtual presence and engagement of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace (self-guided).
    • This model is not a software program where students complete work at their own pace.

    As this would be a standalone virtual school, students would be assigned to the virtual school as their home school. They would not be able to participate in athletics or extra-curricular activities at other schools in the district.

    Time Allocation for Teacher-Guided Learning/Self-Guided Learning

    As students become more self-disciplined and acclimated to self-paced learning, the time allocation for learning will shift. This shift will likely begin to occur in late 9th grade and continuously shift through the high school courses.

    School/Family/Learner Expectations

    • Students will have an embedded learning management system which will provide the student and parent easy access to track attendance, progress, and assignments
    • Students will be assigned two morning classes, intermission/lunch, and two afternoon classes
    • Students will be provided standard courses for both graduation pathways
    • Students will be provided Dual Enrollment opportunities
    • Students will be provided opportunities for honors courses, if qualified
    • Students will be provided synchronous activities to reinforce lessons with transition time for assignments,
      group work, and interventions
    • Students must provide their own transportation to the designated campus to complete in-person state mandated assessments, e.g. Benchmarks, LEAP 2025, ELPT, WorkKeys, ACT, etc.
    • Students must attend class daily during the regular school day
    • Students must follow the adopted academic calendar of Jefferson Parish Schools
    • Students must have reliable at-home internet service