Academic Rigor

    Students are offered an ambitious and rigorous curriculum based on Common Core Standards and further supplemented by Jefferson Parish honors requirements. The curriculum is designed to foster higher order thinking through core academic subjects taught, with the eighth graders earning Carnegie units to allow for acceleration. In junior and senior years, advanced placement and college level classes are provided.  Taylor Academy offers a well-rounded course of study that allows students the opportunity to develop special interests and talents in science, math, and technology. Honors credit in any subject is forfeited when the student fails to meet the Jefferson Parish honors requirements. Honors credit is issued at the end of course after all requirements are met.

    Advanced Study Academy Dismissal Policy

    Pease see the Advanced Study Academy page on the main JPPSS website (http://jpschools.org) for more information on the ASA dismissal policy.  A copy of this policy will also be given to students at the beginning of every school year.

    Field Trips

    Field trips are primarily educational opportunities linked to content standards and assessments. Attendance on academic field trips is mandatory and follow-up assignments must be completed. All school rules and policies are in effect for those students while off campus.

    Gifted and Talented Students

    Students who are identified as Gifted are enrolled in one Gifted course per school year. Students who are identified as Talented are offered arts enrichment during the school day in art, theater, and/or vocal/ instrumental music. Students who are interested in being screened for either Gifted or Talented should contact the front office.

    Individual Graduation Plan Requirements

    During the first two years of high school, students should focus on building on the knowledge and skills they gained in previous grades. Every 9th and 10th grade student (beginning 2014-2015 and thereafter) will take core academic classes to work towards a diploma. Following the student’s 10th grade year, a student may choose to work toward a Jump Start TOPS Tech Pathway or pursue the TOPS University Pathway. Students may choose both pathways. Decisions are made with counseling and guidance, based on the student’s interests, capabilities, and ambitions. The TOPS Core Curriculum graduation requirements can be found on the last page of the handbook.

    Act 257 of the 2009 Louisiana Legislature

    By the end of the eighth grade, each student shall develop, with the input of his/her family, an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP). The purposes of the IGP document and related activities are as follows:
    ·         Explore educational and career possibilities
    ·         Make appropriate secondary/postsecondary decisions as part of an overall career plan
    ·         Plan based on the student’s talents and interests
    ·         Consider graduation requirements relevant to the student’s chosen area of concentration and postsecondary entrance requirements.