• Community Service Hours



    Community Service is a voluntary service for a school, community, or government agency for which one does not receive payment.  Services performed for a business or for profit are NOT acceptable.  Service hours do not include house sitting, baby sitting, pet sitting, helping neighbors complete chores, or grading student papers for teachers.


    Students can begin to earn community service hours the summer preceding their 9th grade year.  Service hours cannot be acquired during school instruction time.  The total number of hours (80) is the number that is recommended by the state.  Signed verification by the agency for which the service was completed must be placed on an official Jefferson Parish Public School System Community Service Form.  Forms are available in the office from Ms. Terry. 


    There are two community service forms due dates each year.


    All forms must be returned to Ms. Terry in the office by the due dates.  LATE FORMS ARE NOT ACCEPTED so please do not wait until the last minute to turn in your forms.  It is recommended, but not required, that the students complete their 80 service hours as follows:


    9th grade - 10 service hours

    10th grade - 20 service hours

    11th grade - 25 service hours

    12th grade - 25 service hours.