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  • The goal of the Jaguar Parent Organization is to assist the administration in making the student's time at Thomas Jefferson Academy of Advanced Studies a positive and memorable experience by fostering a family atmosphere at the school.  We sponsor several events throughout the school year including the Faculty and Staff Breakfast in August, the Annual Tailgate during football season, the Annual Gretna Jubilee in March, and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in May. 


    Our meetings are held a few times a year in the cafeteria and we try to hold the meetings to one hour or less.  We know many of our families are busy and we appreciate those that attend the meetings and contribute to planning and suggestions.  Please consider joining our group and participating.  The special events at the school often require parent volunteers and we strive to keep time commitments to a minimum.  We know your students will tell you not to participate.  However, while your student may not "value your importance", other students, parents, faculty, and staff surely will!