Digital Timekeeping System

  • Jefferson Parish Schools is the largest school system in Louisiana and the second largest employer in Jefferson Parish. With 6,400 employees at over 80 sites that spread from Grand Isle to Kenner, it's well past time to modernize the district's antiquated paper and pencil timekeeping system. JP Schools is in the process of implementing a new digital system that will make our schools and systems more safe, efficient and modern. 


    • Allows real-time monitoring & reporting of all employees in a building
    • Aids in contact tracing or in cases of an emergency


    • Simplifies daily time management process
    • Improves payroll processing time & accuracy


    • Reduces waste with automated timekeeping approval processes
    • Ability to review leave balances via mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 12/15/22)

  • What is the new system and how does it work?

  • Why are we making this change?

  • How does this system improve efficiency?

  • How will this new system benefit employees?

  • What’s the ratio for machines on campus?

  • How does this system improve school safety?

  • Is there a mobile app available?

  • How does this system improve administrative accuracy?

  • Who decided where the machine got installed?

  • What’s the process for requesting time off?

  • Are staff able to sign-in and out at any time? What if someone is working late?

  • What are the differences between salaried versus non-salaried employees?

  • What’s the process for someone to add in missed punches? Does the employee do it?

  • What’s the process for bus drivers checking in?

  • Do staff have to check-in and out for lunch?

Digital Timekeeping Phased Transition