Minutes in Minutes: January 10, 2024

  • “The Minutes in Minutes” highlights Jefferson Parish School Board meetings. To see everything that happened at the January 10, 2024, school board meeting, watch the video above. You can click here to view the agenda from each meeting or click here for more information about the Jefferson Parish School Board. To learn how you can watch our board meetings live, click here.

Second Readings

  • Second Reading Authored by Dr. Gerard LeBlanc from the December 6, 2023 Board Meeting

    • Move for a Resolution to authorize the Defeasance of all or a portion of the Hurricane Recovery Revenue Bonds, Series 2022,
      and providing for other matters in connection there with.

    Second Reading Authored by Mr. Clay Moise from the December 6, 2023 Board Meeting

    • Move to authorize the Superintendent to lease, on a month-to-month basis, for an amount not less than its fair market rental value, all or
      any portion of any immovable property declared surplus, pending the intended sale or other disposition of the
      property, which lease shall contain a non-interference clause.

Consent Agenda Highlights

First Readings

  • Clay Moise

    • Direct the Superintendent to review and revise the District's policies related to student cell phones to prohibit the use of cell phones on school property and school buses, in school sanctioned activities, and during instructional time.  Special consideration should be given to a phased approach, first implementing the prohibition in K-8 schools and then our high schools.  A draft of the revised policies including a schedule of key milestones will be provided to this Board no later than the March 6, 2024 Board Meeting.  Approval and implementation of the revised policy will take place no later than the May 1, 2024, Board Meeting.

    Steven Guitterrez

    • Move to amend Article XVI, Board Committees, Paragraph C to add the following: Committee Meetings will be scheduled on the Monday prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting for the month.  In the event that a committee meeting must be called due to an emergency or other time sensitive reason, the committee chairman will notify the Board as soon as possible of the need to hold a committee meeting outside of the time normally required to do so.