• Jefferson Parish Schools offers Behavioral Health services to students at Strehle Community School through our school-based health center program.  Strehle School is one of 11 school-based health centers in Jefferson Parish School District.  Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Kathryn Moffett sees students on campus.  Telemedicine services are also available this year.  She offers individual and group therapy counseling sessions for stress and anger management, trauma, depression, anxiety, bullying, or even relationships.  Parents can request that their child be seen by Ms. Moffett by calling the front office of Strehle Community School at 504-436-1920 or by calling Ms. Moffett’s office at 504-437-7920.

    Kathryn Moffett, LCSW, has been treating children and adolescents in Jefferson Parish public schools for over twenty years. Ms. Moffett is passionate about helping children and teens cope with challenging emotions, behaviors and life events. She utilizes cognitive behavioral strategies, social skill building, play therapy, art, relaxation techniques, children’s literature, journaling, custom behavior plans and tangible rewards to address identified areas of concern in group and individual treatment.  Ms. Moffett is excited to provide therapeutic services for the students and families of Strehle Community School.

    All students must have a current consent and enrollment form on file to be seen at Strehle Community School for Behavioral Health services. Consent and enrollment forms are sent home at the beginning of the year; however, parents may sign their child up for services at any time during the school year.  Students who are 18 and older may sign their own consent.  Electronic forms may be accessed below through links or QR codes and paper consent forms may be found on the right-hand side of this webpage.

    Co-payments are waived for all students and faculty/staff enrolled at our SBHC.  Commercial insurances including Medicaid and Medicare are accepted. Students who are uninsured can also receive care with a consent and enrollment form on file with the health center.  Services are given to all students at NO COST.

    If you have an emergency outside of school hours, please call 9-1-1.

    To learn more about our other school-based health programs in Jefferson Parish please visit our site at Jpschools.org/SBHC or scan  .


    One of our partners at Strehle is Access Health of Louisiana.  AHL partners with Jefferson Parish School to provide services at our 11 School based Health Centers in the districts.  Access Health Louisiana operates 41 school-based health centers in twelve parishes.  To learn more about their successful program, click here.



     Strehle SBHCs Consent & Enrollment Forms:

    QR Code for English consent:             QR Code for Spanish consent:

             https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0SfiomB91NBS1KoXP5OE08YoYZd2y15aff-_9I3L9bzbzcu6QBsj96QfYGPxC1tOJQSuxVT406TX2ZM6hrH9AoSA7j6Io0h5kMCYcCbm75qF4w-Bz4VqpSZ4aLaE2kYr0P8cY9p2yFduMUzcUIUTFg                                         https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/ugcmQBE65CC5qKGXWP9g9USWc_SX-cj3LKiqSKS-yWT4iOZ08tyIE_41mIO3bGFwUqtUvIa8-74gdFPbCPImhaJZ5CPX4VbNI4ouBb3pSSAML3Dg6Ly1tKwLiBzVmTdYRxYY0sA8gXacnPzQ8L7qqQ

    https://app.hellosign.com/s/26QUPZyJ          https://app.hellosign.com/s/Krlfy1q5



    Kathryn Moffett, LCSW


    Strehle Health Center

    (504) 437-7920

    178 Millie Drive

    Avondale, LA 70094

    School Office: (504) 437-7920


    8:15-3 (Wednesday)

    8:15-1 (Thursday)