• Cell Phone / Smart Watch / Earbud Policy:

    All students will place their cell phone and smartwatch in the cell phone holder for the classroom in all classes. Phones/smartwatches should remain in the holder during the entire class period, even if the student goes to the restroom. If a student needs to use the phone during class time, the student should ask to use the phone in the front office. Students are allowed to use their phone before and after school and at lunch. If a student has their cell phone out at any time outside of lunch, they will have their phone confiscated until the end of the day. Students should not take their phone to the bathroom during class time.  Earbuds are not allowed to be worn at anytime of the day except for lunch. 

    Classroom Cell Phone Violations

    1st Offense - Major Referral (Lunch Detention)

    2nd Offense - Major Referral (After school detention)

    3rd Offense - Major Referral (After school detention with parent conference)

    4th Offense and thereafter - Major Referral with Progressive Suspensions


    Any student transmitting videos or pictures of another student without their permission will be subject to disciplinary action under the district’s bullying policy. This includes pictures/messages sent via social media, private group chat, or private text message.

    Any student that knowingly videos other students violating school policies will receive the same consequence as those students. For example, if a student videos other students vandalizing the bathroom, that student will receive the same consequence as the students that vandalized the bathroom.

    A teacher may allow students to use a cellphone in class for instructional purposes only. This includes but is not limited to accessing DE course email and taking photos of artwork for their AP digital portfolio. There is never a time in class for smartwatches or using earbuds connected to their phones.