• 🦞Welcome to Ray St. Pierre Child Care!🦞


    Child Care Director: Demetra Washington

    Child Care Account Clerk: Linda Drake

    Child Care Assistants: Jeannette Landry, Robin Burkes


    Child Care Information:

    • Child Care runs from 2:10 PM to 6:00 PM.
    • Students must be registered to attend Child Care. Please see the Child Care Registration form below for more information.
    • Students may bring individual snacks or purchase snacks from the school. Please see the Child Care Snack form below for more information.
    • Child Care begins with snacks and an hour of homework each day. We understand not every student has homework every day. Please see that your Mudbug is prepared with an activity/coloring book or a book to read for those occasions so that an atmosphere conducive to homework can be maintained.`
    • Phone numbers: (504) 347- 4739 and (504) 349- 0214
    • Payments can be made using School Cash Online or check made payable to Ray St. Pierre Academy. Payments are due on the first day of the week and are considered late by Wednesday of the same week. Drop-in payments are due on the day the drop-in occurs.
    • We look forward to providing your Mudbug with a safe and happy place for afterschool care!