Minutes in Minutes: April 24, 2023 Special Session

  • “The Minutes in Minutes” highlights Jefferson Parish School Board meetings. To see everything that happened at the April 24, 2023, special session school board meeting, watch the video above. You can click here to view the agenda from each meeting or click here for more information about the Jefferson Parish School Board. To learn how you can watch our board meetings live, click here.

Second Readings

Consent Agenda Highlights

First Readings

  • First Reading authored by Mr. Clay Moise:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board endorse and adopt the Attendance Zone Maps recommended by the Superintendent at this April 24th 2023 Special Session effective for the 2023-2024 school year.

    First Reading authored by Mr. Steven Guitterrez:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board add an additional police detail to support the existing Kenner schools at a detail rate using General fund monies.

    First Reading authored by Mr. Derrick Shepherd:

    • Direct the Superintendent and his staff to develop a military style High School that will owned and operated by the Jefferson Parish School System.  This proposed High School will allow students anywhere from Jefferson Parish to attend for the 2024-2025 school year.
    • Direct the Superintendent to present information about the particulars of increasing the pay for what the consolidation plan would do for expected pay for teachers and support staff in the school system.