Minutes in Minutes: March 1, 2023

  • “The Minutes in Minutes” highlights Jefferson Parish School Board meetings. To see everything that happened at the March 1, 2023 school board meeting, watch the video above. You can click here to view the agenda from each meeting or click here for more information about the Jefferson Parish School Board. To learn how you can watch our board meetings live, click here.

Second Readings

  • Second Reading Authored by Mr. Michael Pedalino:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board rescind the decision taken at the March 16, 2022, Board Meeting that the Jefferson Parish School Board, Superintendent, Facilities Department develop designs, choose architects and or engineers to determine cost which will not exceed 2,000,000.00 in order to build an Athletic Complex at Riverdale High School.

Consent Agenda Highlights

First Readings

  • First Reading authored by Mr. Derrick Shepherd:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board provide 50,000.00 allocated from General Fund to conceptualize a plan for the athletic complex at Higgins.