• School Facilities Survey

    The first priority in our district strategic plan is to “Provide Safe, Healthy, and Modern Schools.” We’ve faced various circumstances these last three years, including a global pandemic, a shift in utilizing technology, and Hurricane Ida.

    To that end, Jefferson Parish Schools is conducting a stakeholder survey from January 17-29 to give us a better understanding of the needs of our students, families, employees, and community members. We will use the survey results as we plan for the future of school facilities in Jefferson Parish Schools. 

    The opinions of our stakeholders are important to us, and this survey is a chance to express those opinions. All responses will remain strictly anonymous, and we will not be able to trace individual responses. We ask that stakeholders are thoughtful and honest when they complete the survey. 

    Survey Links:

    Please note this survey does not pertain to charter school facilities within Jefferson Parish Schools.