Minutes in Minutes: January 4, 2023 Special Session

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Second Readings

Consent Agenda Highlights

First Readings

  • First Reading authorized by Mr. Derrick Shepherd:

    Move that the Jefferson Parish School Administration provided this Board with a revised "2023 Infrastructure and Efficiency Plan", informed by the following considerations:

    • School consolidations to optimize occupancy and reduce operational costs
    • Expansion of the PK-8 model where appropriate
    • Increase Early Childhood Education (ECE) seats where possible
    • Expanded opportunities for Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings
    • Ensures greater efficiency in transportation costs, eliminating light loads and dead milages as much as possible
    • Creates future opportunities for purchasing/leading of busses which includes establishing a site for overnight parking and maintenance
    • Any pervasive, urgent issues at any of our campuses

    First Reading authorized by Mr. Derrick Shepherd

    Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board rescind the decision taken at the March 16, 2022, Board Meeting that the Jefferson Parish School Board, Superintendent, Facilities department develop designs, chose architects and or engineers to determine cost which will not exceed 2,000,000.00 per building in order to build athletic complexes at Higgins and Riverdale High Schools.

    First Reading authorized by Mr. Ralph "REM" Brandt

    Move that the Jefferson Parish School Administration work with this Board to develop a new 5 Year Strategic Plan for the Jefferson Parish Public School System. Based on lessons learned from the pandemic, the plan should prioritize the following: 

    • Early childhood education
    • Literacy
    • Learning Loss
    • Social/emotional learning
    • Increased opportunities for magnet program

    This plan will utilize "SMART" goals and will be revisited if the state's accountability system is changed. This new strategic plan will replace "2024 The Future Our Kids Deserve." And is to be presented to the Board at the May 2023 meeting.