• Dear Parent:

    During the period of October 31-December 16, 2022, the students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 in our
    school district are taking part in an important survey on substance abuse, school dropout, delinquency
    and violence conducted by the LA Office of Behavioral Health. The survey is called the Louisiana Caring
    Communities Youth Survey.

    The purpose of the survey is to gather information needed to plan prevention and intervention
    programs in our community and schools. These programs will address problems of alcohol, tobacco, and
    other drug use, school dropout, delinquency and violence in our schools and communities. Information
    will also help judge the effectiveness of current prevention and intervention efforts. I have a copy of the
    survey instrument at the school office if you wish to stop by and review it. A copy of the survey is posted
    on the UL Lafayette Picard Center’s website and Bach Harrison’s website. You can view by visiting the
    link below.


    The survey is entirely anonymous and confidential. Students will not put their names or any other
    identifying information on the survey booklet. All results from the survey will be presented only in group
    summary form, like many opinion polls.

    The survey asks questions about behaviors students or students’ friends may or may not have done. It is
    important to remember that the survey is anonymous, so no student’s response will ever be able to be
    connected with that student. For the survey, students will be asked to respond to questions such as
    “How wrong do you think it is for someone your age to pick a fight with someone at school?” “Which of
    the following activities for people your age available in your community?” “On how many occasions (if
    any) have you used marijuana in the past 30 days” “If you skipped school, would you be caught by your

    Your child’s participation in the survey is completely voluntary. Each child will be given the option of
    leaving blank any question that he or she prefers not to answer. You may decline to have your child
    participate if you wish. Please remember this survey offers your child the opportunity to share his or her
    confidential opinions on very important issues being faced by our youth today. If you do decline, your
    son or daughter will be allowed to read or participate in some other alternative activity while his or her
    classmates are taking the survey.

    The survey is being conducted by Bach-Harrison L.L.C., under contract with The Louisiana Office of
    Behavioral Health (OBH). The project director for this survey is Mary Johnstun (801-842-2682)

    (mary@bach-harrison.com). Please feel free to contact her or Ray Biggar (337-482-1547)
    (rwb7213@louisiana.edu) if you have any questions regarding the survey.

    Please let me know only if you do not wish your son or daughter to participate in the study. You may do
    this by sending me a short letter requesting your child not participate. Feel free to call me or (insert
    name of additional contact person at school) if you have any other questions about this important study.


    Mrs. Michelle B. Cojoe