Each student from Haynes Academy will be issued a Jefferson Parish Schools chromebook.  The same chromebook will be reissued to respective students each year.  Hence, it is imperative that each student takes care of the issued chromebook.  Students will be issued a chromebook, power adaptor, device protective sleeve, and mouse (by request).  If the student loses any of these items, a fee will be due at the end of the year. 


         *A cracked screen will result in a $400 charge for a new chromebook, so please make sure it stays in the protective sleeve when it is not in use.  You may use another protective sleeve if you wish as long as it actually protects the chromebook.  A student book bag is NOT a protective sleeve.  Leaving it unprotected in a book bag is usually the cause of a cracked screen.


    Chromebook/Laptop: $400.00

    Mouse: $13.00

    Power Adapter/Charger: $40.00

    Device Protective Sleeve: $15.00

    Hotspot: $60.00

    Hotspot Power Adapter/Charger: $10.00


         *Since these items belong to Jefferson Parish Schools, please refrain from decorating the chromebooks with stickers or anything else.  Also, DO NOT remove the JPS Tag or the sticker with your name on it.

                If a student is having issues with a chromebook, please send the student to Mrs. Whelan in the library with a pass.  Please send one student at a time.  If there are multiple students with chromebook problems, please contact the front office and someone will be sent to your classroom as soon as possible. 



    Each student needs to return the electronic user agreement filled out and signed to their homeroom teacher.  Homeroom teachers will deliver to Mrs. Whelan.

    Jefferson Parish Schools Technology Use Agreement

    Jefferson Parish Schools Internet Usage Agreement

    Jefferson Parish Schools Virtual Discipline Policy

    Jefferson Parish Schools Electronic Device Agreement