Minutes in Minutes: July 6, 2022

  • “The Minutes in Minutes” highlights Jefferson Parish School Board meetings. To see everything that happened at the July 6, 2022 school board meeting, watch the video above. You can click here to view the agenda from each meeting or click here for more information about the Jefferson Parish School Board. To learn how you can watch our board meetings live, click here.

Second Readings

  • Second Reading Authored by Ms. Sandy Denapolis-Bosarge:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board issue bonds or procure sufficient funds through other means to lend Discovery Health Sciences Foundation a not to exceed amount of $5,000,000.00 under a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement to fill a financing gap for the construction of an Arts and Athletic Performance Center on the campus at Vintage and Loyola upon terms and conditions to be negotiated and outlined in the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement, with Discovery covering all costs associated with the borrowing.

    Copy of Second Reading Authored by Mr. Simeon Dickerson:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board create a resolution to authorize the contract between the Jefferson Parish School System and NDS, LLC to provide state of the art filtration systems in Jefferson Parish Schools and buildings and to authorize the Board President to execute and sign said contract.

Consent Agenda Highlights

First Readings