Most Recent Fisher Update: June 8, 2022

  • Dear Fisher Middle/High School Family,

    I have often stated that the key to our recovery efforts would be continuous communication. With this in mind, the following message is part of the monthly communication update that will be sent from me to you on where we are in the recovery process at your school.

    Currently, a comparative cost analysis is being conducted on whether to replace or repair the building. This is a step required by FEMA to ensure we reach the most cost efficient outcome. Additionally, temporary repairs to Westbank Community School are still underway. This Friday, bids to ready the school will be advertised. 

    Your continued patience and flexibility is greatly appreciated. I am certain that as we continue to work together while we navigate the tides of this recovery process, our campus, school, and community will be stronger and more unified than ever. The next update will be provided on Wednesday, July 6 and remember to visit for your school’s hurricane recovery updates. 


     Dr. James Gray 

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