We are looking for stories about various events happening or having occurred at Bonnabel. Texts of other types can also be submitted–even literary works–just keep in mind that stories may not be published as soon as they are approved. As of right now, anyone is allowed to submit an article for review. How do you do it? It’s easy!


    Submitting an article for editing and publishing on the school website can be done in a few simple steps. Complete the Google Form linked below for your article to be considered for publication - make sure you are logged into your JPSchools Google account when accessing the form. Not long after, you should receive an email confirming whether or not your article was approved and confirmed for editing and publishing. The “Author Information” section is optional, but if you fill it out, there may be a page created on the school website using that information (remember that if you have filled out the “Author Information” section before, you don’t have to do it a second time unless you want to overwrite the previous responses you submitted).


    Article Sign-Up Sheet