1. What is the Declaration of Intent? The Declaration of Intent is a teacher’s opportunity to declare his/her intent to return or separate from the District.


    1. Who should complete the Declaration of Intent form? All school-based employees classified as a teacher (per the Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 1) and are compensated on the teacher salary schedule, should complete the Declaration of Intent form. By union definition, the following roles are classified as a teacher: Teacher, Counselor, Librarian, Speech Therapist, Social Worker, Educational Diagnostician, School Psychologist, and School Nurse.


    1. Who receives the Declaration of Intent forms? The Declaration of Intent forms are automatically routed to the Human Resources department. The Human Resources department notifies administrators of all future vacancies at their respective schools.


    1. Will the District post the employee’s position online who intends to separate, after he/she has submitted a Declaration of Intent? Yes, once the employee submits the Declaration of Intent form and a signed Resignation Form, Human Resources will collaborate with the Principal to advertise the vacancy online.


    1. Where should employees send the resignation form? Employees should scan/email the completed Resignation Form to staffing@jpschools.org.


    1. Can an employee return to the district after completing the Resignation Form? Yes, all employees reserve the right to return to Jefferson Parish Schools, barring any unresolved disciplinary matter. The employee will incur a break in service and have a new start date. The resuming of benefits and salary will be based on the new start date.


    1. Will the employee be able to return to the same school? Yes, if a position is available at the school, the employee must apply, interview, and reach mutual consent with the principal.


    1. What happens to the employee’s salary and benefits after submitting the Resignation Form?

      If the employee has elected twenty-four (24) pay, and want to have their salary and benefits continue throughout the summer, the employee must use an August 1, 2024, resignation date. If the employee uses an August 1st resignation date, salary and benefits will end on August 31, 2024.


    If the employee has elected twenty (20) pay, they may also use an August 1, 2024, resignation date. However, please note that the last check will still be on June 30, 2024.

    If the employee (no matter payroll choice), prefers to be paid out the remainder of their salary (lump sum), the employee can use May 31, 2024 resignation date. NOTE: Salary and benefits will end the last day of the month in which the employee chooses for a resignation date.

    1. What is the deadline to submit the Declaration of Intent? All employees are required to complete the Declaration of Intent form by end of business on Friday, April 5, 2024.


    1. Why does the district want employees to complete this form? The district is committed to providing students with Quality Teachers from the Start by collaborating with exiting teachers to identify district vacancies as early as possible. This will ensure every child has a teacher on the first day of school.


    1. The Declaration of Intent Form can be accessed through the following link:

     If an employee submits the form in error, the employee has 24 hours to contact Human Resources to resolve the matter. Please call 504-349-8518 for immediate assistance.

    Resignation & Off-Boarding Checklist