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  • Laptops, Chargers, Cases, and Hot Spot Collection Dates and Fees

    Laptops, chargers, laptop cases, and hot spots will be collected on this schedule:
    June 1 - 8th grade
    June 2 - 7th grade
    June 3 - ESL (Walkup and Wilson), Straughan, Pierce, Benson
    June 6 - 6th grade
    June 7-9 - all grades
    All students returning items will receive a pink receipt indicating what items were returned.
    Students should clean up their laptops by removing writing and stickers they have put on their laptops. This is considered intentional damage, and students/parents could be charged the cost to replace the laptop, $400. Student accounts will be charged for any items that were returned damaged or checked out items that were not returned by noon on June 9. This is the fee schedule listed on the technology agreement all parents signed when laptops, chargers, cases, and hot spots were checked out.
    Chromebook $400
    Charger $40
    Laptop Case $15
    Hot spot $60
    Hot spot charger $10
    If the student has lost a charger or case or hot spot, exact amount cash payments can be made. Charger $40, case $15, hot spot $60. If you would like to pay online, students can fill out a request for online payment in the library. Do not plan to return anything during the summer.
    Las computadoras portátiles, los cargadores, las fundas de las computadoras portátiles y los puntos de conexión se recogerán en este horario: 
    1 de junio 8vo grado 
    2 de junio 7mo grado 
    3 de junio ESL (Walkup and Wilson), Straughan, Pierce, Benson 
    6 de junio 6to grado 
    7-9 de junio todos los grados 
    Todos los estudiantes que devuelvan artículos recibirán un recibo rosa que indica qué artículos se devolvieron.
    Los estudiantes deben limpiar sus computadoras portátiles quitando la escritura y las calcomanías que hayan puesto en sus computadoras portátiles. Esto se considera daño intencional, y a los estudiantes/padres se les podría cobrar el costo de reemplazar la computadora portátil, $400. Las cuentas de los estudiantes se cobrarán por cualquier artículo que se haya prestado y no se haya devuelto antes del mediodía del 9 de junio. Este es el programa de tarifas que figura en el acuerdo de tecnología que todos los padres firmaron cuando se retiraron las computadoras portátiles, los cargadores, los estuches y los puntos de conexión.

    Chromebook $400
    Cargador $40
    Estuche para computadora portátil $ 15
    punto caliente $60
    Cargador de punto caliente $10

    Si el estudiante ha perdido un cargador o estuche, se pueden hacer pagos en efectivo por la cantidad exacta. Cargador $40, estuche $15, hotspot $60. Si desea pagar en línea, los estudiantes pueden completar una solicitud en línea pago en la biblioteca. No planees devolver nada durante el verano.
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  • Evaluation of School Family Engagement Policy and Program



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  • LDOE Survey 2021-22

    Details: The Louisiana Department of Education has launched an online parent and family engagement survey. The Family Engagement Survey is designed to inform school systems and building leaders about their success at engaging parents in the education of the children. Schools should distribute the link to every student’s parent/guardian. The district has added a post about the survey to the newsroom of all school websites that use JP Schools Blackboard system. The district will also send a JCampus SMS text to all families for Friday, May 13 and promote the survey on social media next week.

    The survey is designed to be completed by all parents only once per school.If the parent/guardian have children in multiple schools, they should complete one survey for each school. The LDOE released additional instructions and information on the survey. Survey links are available below in four languages.

    Survey Links: (Must use Google Chrome Browser)

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