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    An Ellis Eagle is Safe

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    An Ellis Eagle is Accountable

    An Ellis Eagle is Respectful 


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    Cell Phones

    Students are allowed to bring cell phones on campus; however, they must be completely powered down. Teachers will collect cell phones to store during the day. Cell phones should be kept in purses or school bags.  Any cell phone that is visible or heard during the school day will be confiscated and returned to the parent. The use of a cell phone during the day will result in a major discipline referral, regardless of the situation. Parents should not contact students on their cellphone to determine how the student will be dismissed.  Students who are experiencing some kind of emergency may report to the school office to contact a family member.  Ellis Elementary, Jefferson Parish Schools, and its employees will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged phones on campus.  School buses are considered an extension of the school day; therefore, cell phones may not be used on the bus.  No other electronic devices are allowed on campus including laptops, e-readers, tablets, gaming systems, Apple Watches, etc.  Under no circumstances should a student take pictures of or record videos of any other student or staff member, including on the bus.