• Updated 7/20/21

    Will there be an in-person graduation ceremony?

    Yes. Graduates from Jefferson Virtual High School (JVHS) will participate in an in-person graduation ceremony in the spring.

    Are virtual students allowed to participate in sports and clubs?

    Jefferson Virtual High School (JVHS) will not have any sporting teams. The school may have limited virtual clubs and groups.

    Will virtual students be provided with a computer device?

    JVHS students will provide mobile devices to students who need them in order to participate in virtual instruction. Students will receive their devices after they complete virtual student orientation.

    Will meals be provided to virtual academy students?

    Students who qualify for free/reduce lunch may pick-up “to-go” meals from a designated location. Students will receive their meal pick-up location after they complete virtual student orientation.

    Is the grading policy the same for virtual student?

    Grading for all JVHS courses will follow the same grading policy as the courses in the face-to-face model. JVHS courses that earn high school credit will count in GPA calculation and class rank. The grading policies for remote instruction will be consistent with the District’s grading policies for on-campus assignments.

    How will attendance be taken in the virtual academy?

    Truancy and attendance policies are required for virtual as well as in-person learning. The district will continue the current policies related to attendance. In a virtual learning environment, attendance will continue to be recorded and students earn attendance through daily engagement measures. A student will be considered absent if the student does not have documented engagement with their learning management system and/or daily contact with the teacher, and/or documentation of completion/turn in of daily assignments. Teachers will enter daily attendance for students by the end of each school day.

    Will the rigor levels and expectation be the same for virtual as well as in-person learning?

    JVHS will have a separate instructional design but will utilize the same high quality, rigorous Tier-I curriculum as students who are in face-to-face instruction.

    What about students receiving specific related service?

    Students who are guaranteed related services through Special Education, English as a Second Language, Bilingual Education, 504, etc. and choose the virtual academy will be provided the opportunity to convene a meeting, if necessary, to revise their supports and services to ensure we meet the needs of our students virtually.

    If my child participates in the JVHS, how will they receive assistance or extra help?

    All students will be provided “live” synchronous virtual opportunities to ask questions. Students who require in-person assistance may report to the designated campus during tutorial times

    How will my child receive Gifted/Talented service?

    Gifted and Talented services will be provided through a virtual GT teacher. Specific scheduling information will be provided to each student who qualifies for GT services.

    If my child chooses the JVHS, will they still be associated with their “home- base” school?

    No. Students who attend JVHS are associated with the virtual school only. The student will no longer be a student at their “home-based” and will be enrolled in Jefferson Virtual High School.

    If my child attended an Advanced Study Academy or Magnet school, do they retain their seat if they attend the virtual academy?

    No. Students who attend JVHS are students of the virtual school.

    Will my child be taught by teachers from their “home-base” school?

    No. Virtual courses will be taught by JVHS teachers. However, parents can expect the same caliber of teacher and a consistent experience.

    Will my child be instructed by a JPS teacher or a software program?

    Students will learn virtually and the teacher will teach virtually. Teachers will use both online educational materials and student interaction with traditional classroom methods. This model requires the virtual presence and engagement of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace (self-guided). JVHS Teachers will teach from a Jefferson Parish Brick and Mortar School. This model is not a software program where students complete work at their own pace.

    Will counselors and mental-health professionals be available to students?

    Yes. Both counselors and mental-health professionals are available.

    Will students in the virtual school be provided with take-home materials and resources?

    Yes. The District will provide students with the necessary instructional materials, but it will vary based on the grade level and coursework of the student.

    Can the district rescind my child’s acceptance into the virtual school?

    Yes. If after implementing interventions and strategies with no success, the

    District has established guidelines for leaders to consider transitioning individual students who are struggling with academics or attendance to on-campus instruction if it is determined that a detrimental loss of learning is occurring.

    May I appeal the decision if my child is not admitted into the virtual school?

    Yes. You may submit an appeal. The decision of the appeals committee is final.

    Does my child have to report to a campus for state standardized testing?

    Yes. Parents must transport students to campus for LEAP 2025, ACT, WorkKeys, ELPT, and other standardized tests.

    Are honors courses available?

    Yes. Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, etc. courses are available.

    Email Additional Questions/Concerns to jeffersonvirtualhs@jpschools.org