• Student Progress Center


    The Student Progress Center (SPC) will allow you to monitor your student’s attendance, grades, financial obligations, and more. At Thomas Jefferson Academy, we feel that communication between the school and parents is an essential element for positive student growth.  The SPC is a practical tool to communicate a wealth of information in one convenient location.


    Creating an account is simple and each parent or guardian listed in the system may create an account to monitor student progress.  However, in order to create a new account, you must have a PSN Number which is issued by the District.  It is a unique number for every person.  If you do not know your PSN Number, you may call the office at 504-363-4300 and someone will asist you.




    Click on the link below to access the Jefferson Parish Schools Student Progress Center login page.  


    Student Progress Center


    On the right hand side, click “Register New User.” A web page asking for relationship, last name, first name, and “PSN Number” will be displayed.  Enter your information in the fields, then click “Continue”.  A page to create your login and password will appear, along with security questions in case the password is forgotten.  After completing the account information, you will be directed to the start screen.  Click on your student’s picture icon to view details such as grades, attendance, test scores, transcripts, and more.  


    We suggest that you bookmark the page to make it easier for you to pull up the website and touchbase with your student's progress at least weekly.