• It's LEAP Test Time

    Eight Tips for LEAP 2025 Success

    This April and May, all JP Schools students in grades three through 12 will be required to take LEAP 2025, the state’s standardized student assessment test. Results from LEAP 2025 are helpful to evaluate student knowledge and skills for their grade level, and they can be used along with report cards and other assessments to determine a student’s readiness to move on to the next level of study. For testing dates and how to access sample questions, visit the LEAP 2025 page.

    To help families prepare for LEAP 2025, we’ve put together eight tips for student success.

    1. Fuel and rest.
    Be sure to get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast before the test.

    2. Breathe and relax.
    Take a moment to focus on your breathing and try to relax. Stay positive and push negative thoughts from your mind. Repeat these steps if you find yourself getting frustrated or over-anxious during the test. Remember, just try your best.

    3. Look over the entire test first.
    Review all the passages and amount of questions before starting. This will give you a general idea of how long it will take to complete the test. Don’t rush, but as you work through each section, pay attention to how much time you have left so you can pace yourself appropriately.

    4. Read each question carefully.
    Think through each part of the question, and think about similar questions from class. Look for clues within the wording of the question itself. Sometimes, paraphrasing the question may help. Always reread difficult questions and highlight important information.

    5. Consider all the answers in multiple choice questions.
    Be sure to read through all of the available answers before making your choice, even if you think you know the right answers. Use the cross-off feature to eliminate choices.

    6. Be thorough in constructed responses and essay questions.
    Answer all parts of the prompt and be sure to include evidence as needed. Before moving on, proofread to make sure your responses make sense, and check spelling and grammar.

    7. Don’t get stuck on the tough ones.
    Don’t spend too much time on these questions. Flag the question and go back to it later. There may be questions in another section of the test that could jog your memory or provide more clues.

    8. Use extra time wisely.
    Use any leftover time to review all of your answers. Check for careless mistakes and review any questions you flagged or skipped. Reread questions to ensure you haven’t misunderstood or misread anything.


    Online Testing Tools
    All grades will be taking LEAP 2025 on a computer, so it is good to familiarize yourself with these test taking tools.

    • Use the Line Guide to help as you are reading passages. It helps you stay focused and keep track of which line you are reading.
    • Use the Sticky Note to take notes on evidence you might use in evidence based responses.
    • Use the Highlighter to highlight important information in the question.
    • Use the Cross-Off to mark the answers you know are wrong.
    • Use the Pointer to select an answer.
    • Use the Magnifier to increase the size of text.