• Voluntary Transfer Process

    JP Schools 2024 Voluntary Transfer Process: March 1– April 13, 2024
    (Application window for Voluntary Transfer: March 1 – April 5, 2024)

    What types of employees are eligible for the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP)?
    The Voluntary Transfer Process is for certificated Teachers, Deans, Assistant Principals, Counselors, and Para-

    Who is eligible for transfer?
    Certificated Teachers, Deans, Assistant Principals, Counselors, and Para-professionals are eligible for transfer if they:

    • Have a minimum of 2 years of experience in JP Schools at their current school
    • Hold a valid Louisiana teacher certificate in the requested subject-area vacancy (teachers and
      administrators only)
    • Are currently NOT on any level of an Intensive Assistance Plan (IAP)

    Note: Support employees such as Secretaries, General Clerks, Plant Managers, Custodians, Account Clerks, and Crossing Guards may transfer at any time, as vacancies become available.

    How do I participate in the Voluntary Transfer Process?
    Eligible employees who desire to participate in the VTP are required to complete an Internal Application using the link below during the application window (March 1- April 5, 2024).

    The window for transfer opens on March 1, 2024. Employees begin the process by completing a Transfer Request online at https://forms.gle/C4qSG8iPud5S7vjt8. The application window closes on April 5, 2024.