• Resources to Support Math Instruction at Home

    Jefferson Parish Schools is committed to supporting its families with math resources. We recognize math concepts look different than when many of our parents were in school. Math now balances procedural skills, application of skills in various contexts, and conceptual understanding of those skills. It is no longer just about the HOW, but also the WHY.

    JPS has multiple resources to support your students in Mathematics, all highly-rated, Tier 1 instructional materials by the Louisiana Department of Education and EdReports. Below, you will find resources to support with Eureka Math, Zearn Math and Khan Academy. All students are learning Eureka Math as the primary curriculum, so that is a good place to start. Zearn Math and Khan Academy are supplemental. Explore these resources to find what is most helpful to you.

    Eureka Math (Core Tier 1 Curriculum)

    • Parent Tip Sheets (English/Spanish) These tip sheets include suggested strategies and models, key vocabulary, connections to previous learning, and tips for how you can support your child’s learning at home.  They are arranged in the same sequence as the student homework, making it easy for parents to follow along with their child’s progress. Homework helpers are also available in student homework books.

    Zearn Math (Supplemental Tier 1 Curriculum)

    • Zearn Math is a digitally based platform that aligns, and follows, the Eureka Math curriculum for grades K-5. It allows a new way for students to engage authentically with math and supports the rigor of a strong Math curriculum. Lessons follow closely to the design of the core curriculum and provide support as students progress through the lessons. Please reach out to your school should you need support. Students are able to access through Clever.
    • A Zearn pilot is underway for grades 6-7 that is aligned to two Tier 1 curricula, Eureka Math and Illustrative Math. It does not follow either curriculum explicitly.
    • Zearn Math Parent/Caregiver Pack (English/Spanish)

    Khan Academy (Supplemental Support)

    • Khan Academy provides high-quality mathematics support. This resource is not a curriculum but allows you to assist your student in acquiring extra practice for key grade-level skills. You can navigate to various grade levels and courses.
      NOTE: You will need to create a free parent account to access. It is suggested that you monitor this resource to ensure your student is working on items that align to core content being learned in the classroom
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