Minutes in Minutes: November 4, 2020

  • “The Minutes in Minutes” highlights Jefferson Parish School Board meetings. To see everything that happened at the November 4, 2020 school board meeting, watch the video above. You can click here to view the agenda from each meeting or click here for more information about the Jefferson Parish School Board. To learn how you can watch our board meetings live, click here.

Second Readings

  • Second Reading authored by Mr. Dickerson:

    • Move to form a task force to help change the name of any school or mascot that is offensive to ethnicity, culture, religion, or race. The task force is to be formed by November, and report it’s progress to March’s board meeting.

    Second Reading authored by Mr. Dale:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board withdraw membership’s from the Louisiana School Board Association.

    Second Reading authored by Mr. North:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board direct the Superintendent to do the following: 1. to immediately stop all financial transfers from the JPPSS bank accounts directly to the Jefferson Federation of Teachers Committee On Political ED (COPE); 2. Through his legal team, determine the legality of moving money from our school board accounts to the JFT PAC account when this is not stipulated in the present CBA; 3. To have our legal team investigate when the funneling of this money directly into the JFT PAC began, and who made these arrangements with the JFT PAC Administrators; 4. To determine the cost of servicing this PAC, since it’s inception, and bill the PAC for using public funds to service such PAC.

    Second Reading by Mr. North:

    • Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board approve the hiring of an accounting firm to conduct a forensic audit of the Jefferson Parish Public School system. The firm hired may not have any personal, professional, financial, or political affiliation or ties to a current school board member, superintendent, or chief financial officer, or anyone who has served in these positions since January 1, 2011. The firm must be selected by December 15, 2020 and must provide a full report to the Board no later that May 15, 2021. The report must also include a recommended spending plan encompassing the next 10 years. The cost of this project must not exceed industry average. A committee selected by the JPSB president will oversee the selection of this accounting firm. This “Forensic Audit Committee” will report audit progress to the entire JPSB on a monthly basis.

Consent Agenda Highlights

First Readings

  • First Reading authored by Mr. Morgan:

    • Move that Terrytown Elementary School be renamed Marjorie M. King Elementary School.