We want what's best for our students.


    So here are the links to change from

    Virtual to In-Person or In-Person to Virtual. 


                                                                       Virtual Learning       switch to   Traditional Learning

                                            Please clickon the images above to access the form, necesita español?

    Once an application is submitted, please expect either a text or an email with what your next step will be before instruction begins.

    Please remember to bring the following items on the day your child is designated to begin in-person instruction: their assigned Chromebook with all cords, mouse, and hotspot (if it applies), all school books and workbooks, school supplies (please click for list), school bag, and Activity fee ($30-PreK; $25-K-5th). Again, please wait until you are notified of your child's start date.

    Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


                                                                                               Virtual Learning

    Click on the images below to take you to their respective sites 



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