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    Virtual Learning Policies



    Virtual class is an extension of the school and classroom.  Students are required to follow all school and district policies during virtual instruction. Students may only enter classes which they are scheduled to attend. Additionally, students may NOT enter a class of another school. Doing so constitutes entering an unauthorized area and disciplinary consequences will be issued.

    In addition to adhering to the Code of Conduct found in the Procedures and Policies for Parents and Students (2019-2021), virtual students must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Students must be seated during virtual class (unless otherwise instructed by the teacher).
    • Students may not eat during virtual class.
    • Students may not use vulgar and obscene language.
    • Students may not use cell phones during virtual class.
    • Students may not share the content on their screen (unless otherwise instructed by the teacher).
    • Students may not play music during virtual class.

    Dress Code

    Virtual Student Dress Code Policy

    Virtual students are required to wear their school uniform shirt and pants/bottoms of their choice. Students not in uniform will be given one opportunity to comply with the request before they are dismissed from the virtual class.

    All other district dress code policies must be followed. A student will use appropriate grooming that does not a present safety hazard or have the potential of creating disruption to or interference with the orderly operation of the school environment, school activities, and/or educational objectives. 

    • A student will wear his/hair in a style that does not impair his/her eye sight.
    • A student will not wear hair rollers, shower caps, etc. to school (or virtual class), extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
    • All personal grooming must take place before the start of class.


    Virtual Learning Norms

     As we all get accustomed to the new norm of virtual learning, here are some helpful guidelines.

    • Select a designated learning area in your home that is free from distraction and noise.
    • Report to virtual class on time- attendance is taken daily.
    • Mute your device upon entry into the virtual class. Only unmute when directed by the teacher.
    • Be prepared by having all instructional materials readily available to reduce the loss of instructional time.
    • Use the chat option if you have a question for the teacher.
    • Do not walk with your device to other areas of the home. Remain in your designated learning area.
    • Exit the class when instructed by the teacher, or when the class is over.
    • Return to class when instructed by the teacher.