School Cash Online
  • SCO School Cash Online (SCO) is the new online store for Grace King High School. Using SCO, families are able to efficiently pay for class fees, club fees and purchase spirit items, just to name a few possibilities. No more worrying about your child carrying a large amounts of cash or wondering if they were able to pay for an activity before the due date. SCO’s record keeping feature allows families to keep track of their school purchases and payments. Ready to register? Click here!


    2020-2021 Grace King Academic Fee - $30.00

    Class Fee - Varies by Grade

    Acting Class Fee - $5.00

    Other fees will be added at a later date.

     Please note:

    • Every school year, students must pay a Grace King Academic Fee of $30.
    • The academic fee includes the Technology Fee, ID card, lanyard, GK sweatshirt OR GK mask.
    • GK Front Office personnel may accept cash or check only.
    • If paying by credit card, debit card, or eCheck, you must pay online at
    • Fees should be paid every year and as early as possible, If fees are not paid each year, the amount will be rolled over to the next school year.
    • ALL fees must be paid in full, whether GK academic fee or any other fee, in order to receive diploma.