Safety Changes 2020-2021


    Safety Change #1:  Cleaning


    Our campus will provide extensive cleaning during and after school hours.Our faculty and staff also have adequate PPE to use as needed.  Students will be required to wash their hands with soap and water often.  Hand sanitizer will also be used in the classroom.  


    Students are asked to practice appropriate hand washing routines at home and to wear a clean face mask and uniform to school daily.


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    Safety Change #2


    All students and staff members will have their temperature taken before starting the school day. This will make our morning car rider drop off run a bit differently. Please pay attention to the cones and follow directions from our staff.  More information is forthcoming.


    Any student or staff member with a temperature of 99.4 degrees on a touch-less, infrared thermometer will be sent home. Students that are already on campus with a temperature reading of 99.4 or higher will be monitored in a separate area on campus until a parent arrives. Students must be picked up from school in a timely fashion. Please see information from the district regarding COVID-19 symptoms and protocol. It is recommended that students receive a temperature check at home before leaving for school.


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    Safety Change #3


    In an effort to keep our students and staff members safe while on campus please review the following protocols.


    • All students and staff members will be required to wear a face mask while on campus. Students will wear masks in the classroom, during recess and P.E. The same applies to students walking home from school and riding on the school bus.
    • Face shields are not a replacement for a mask.
    • Masks should be a solid color.  Students are encouraged to have an extra, replacement mask in a sealed bag and packed in the school bag in the event the mask needs to be replaced.
    • Students are not required to wear a mask to eat and drink.
    • Reusable masks must be washed everyday or a new, clean mask sent on the following day. Disposable masks should be thrown away after each use.  These are not meant to be worn more than once. Students should also have a cleaned uniform each day.
    • Anyone bringing their child to school tardy or picking up their child from school must also wear a mask.

    For individuals with health or other concerns that make wearing a face covering difficult, exceptions will be considered on an individual basis. Students and employees can use this district-provided exemption process.




    Safety Change #4: School Supplies


    The Hazel Park/Hilda Knoff faculty and staff are ready to welcome all of our students back this school year.

    In order to maintain a clean and safe campus for our students and staff we will be implementing many new protocols.  

    • This year, our families will not be able to enter campus with their child. We know that many students, especially our younger students, won't be able to carry all of their school supplies at once. Students may gradually bring in supplies over the first few days of school.
    • All students will be required to purchase school supplies. Our Virtual Students will also need to make sure they have adequate school supplies for home use. 
    • The Technology and Materials fee is due on the first day of school for all students (traditional, hybrid, and virtual) This fee can be sent to school; however, we do have an electronic option for payment. This is a great way to avoid cash transactions and gives our virtual learners the ability to pay online. 
    • Although our virtual learners may not be on campus, we are sending home workbooks, materials, communication folders, agendas, etc.for students. These items are paid for using this fee.


    Use the link below to pay through Schools Cash Online.

    Supply Lists & Uniform Policy:





    Safety Change #5: Car Rider Line


    Our car rider line will be subject to wellness checks. 

    • Staff members will be ready to take the temperatures of students while they remain in the vehicle
    • Please have students seated on the passenger side, or near the passenger side if possible. 
    • Students will not exit the car until a temperature check has been completed. 
    • Reminder: any child with a temperature of 99.4 or higher will be sent home.  


    Temperature checks will make the car rider line longer than usual.  Please allow ample time and follow proper car rider line procedures.  

    Car line will begin promptly at 7:00.  Students are considered tardy if they are not in their classroom by 7:35.  Students should be inside the building no later than 7:30.  Cars will be unloaded two at a time.  Please do not allow your child to exit the vehicle until a staff member has checked your child’s temperature. 





    Safety Change #6:  Water Bottles

    In an effort to keep our students and staff safe while on campus, students will not be allowed to drink from the water fountains.  Students will be given the opportunity throughout the day to refill their water bottle during a monitored bathroom/water break.


    Temperatures are still very high this time of year.  Please make sure your child has a filled water bottle each day.  Bottles need to be labeled with your child's name on the outside and should have the ability to be closed so that the opening is protected (i.e. lid, cap, or closure-device). Only water is allowed.


    If a student will need more than one bottle, please include a 2nd bottle in his/her lunch kit or school bag.



    Safety Change #7:  Visitors


    Hazel Park has a new set of double doors. They are located right inside the entry doors.  Visitors will not be allowed beyond the new interior double doors without an appointment.  


    All business will now be handled through our new help windows.  Any office visitors that do have an appointment will be asked to stand behind the plexiglass in the office.


    Please note that all visitors must wear a face mask at all times inside the school building and are subject to temperature checks.




    help window