• FAQs

    Below is a list of questions that we have recieved from parents at our school. As your questions are answered, they will be posted here.


    Should the students bring extra masks, as part of the supply list?

    Yes, they should have an extra in their bag in case the other gets soiled.


    Can the masks have graphics or do they have to be a solid color?

    Face covering may be any pattern or color and may have child-friendly graphics appropriate for school. Face covering may NOT have words or slogans. The face coverings should be labeled with the child’s name. A monogram of the child’s name is allowed.
    Where to line up on Meet and Greet day?
    Meet and Greet will go through the carpool line in the parking lot.
    How can I sign my child up for virtual learning?
    Email Angela.Diamond@jpschools.org with your request.
    How can I drop my student from the C.T. Janet?
    Email Angela.Diamond@jpschools.org with your request.
    How can I sign my child up for childcare?
    Click here to learn more about child care and to download and print a registration form. You may also request that a paper copy be sent home with your child by emailing Julia.Lombard@jpschools.org.
    If you have any questions that are not answered here. Please message your child's teacher on Class Dojo or call the office at 504-340-0487.