• Jefferson Parish Schools Start Strong Communications Plan 




    Start Strong Landing Page

    This webpage is a “one-stop-shop” for anyone in our community seeking updated information on school reopening plans and processes. This page will stay active and be updated throughout the school year, it has also been pushed out to each school’s website.


    Start Strong FAQ

    This frequently asked questions page includes an updated list of answers to common questions being asked by families and other stakeholders. It lives on the landing page and will be updated throughout the school year with a “last updated” listed prominently.


    Employee, Family, and Stakeholder Survey Results

    This page notes the feedback and data from families, employees, and stakeholders about 2020-2021 scenario preferences, COVID-19 impacts, home technology availability, transportation preferences given safety limitations and communication preferences.


    Weekly Employee Message

    We will email employees weekly to keep them informed of the latest developments.

    Email sent to all employees’ JP Schools email address

    Weekly Family Message

    We will keep families and other community stakeholders informed of the latest developments with a regular weekly message. The message will be posted on the website and families will receive a robo text notifying them of the message. 


    Student and Employee Safety Social Media Campaign 

    Our families and employees want to know what schools will be doing to keep students and employees safe when schools reopen. We will use our district website and social media to share new processes and safety tips.


    Student Communications 

    We have placed posters/signage in schools encouraging hand-washing, social-distancing, covering coughs and sneezes, etc.

    View these posters in English and Spanish

    COVID-19 Notices

    Notices with instructions for next steps will be sent out in response to COVID-19 events in schools.  COVID-19 events include individuals testing positive, individuals reporting close contact with a COVID-19 positive person and individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms in schools.

    Messages will be shared with employees and families as necessary. 

    Feedback Input Form

    We welcome families, employees and the community to provide feedback on Start Strong Jefferson, and we have created an online form to do so.