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    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year.  This page was created to give you the information you might need to begin the year.  We suggest you read through each section to guide you through the information.  We provided this method as a safe alternative to learn more about our policies and procedures.  Thank you for your time.  We look forward to a great school year!


    General Information:

    Start Dates:

    August 7th Grades 1st-8th

    August 14th  PreK/K (Boys Only)

    August 15th  PreK/K (Girls Only)

    School Times:

    7:20am - 2:10pm

    Students can not arrive before 6:50 am. If the students are being dropped off by a car they must remain in the car until the bell rings.  Please see the transportation section to read the guidelines for our morning and evening procedures. 

    There is no morning child care. All students must remain in the vehicles with an adult until 6:50 am. Afternoon child care is available until 6:00 pm for a fee.  School Supply Fee

    All students are to pay a $40 supply fee.  All supply fees will need to be paid before students are allowed to participate in extra activities such as fall fest, field trips, school dances etc. 

    PreK students must also purchase a nap mat.  All fees may be paid online using School Class Online. Below is the link to register and a letter explaining how to use the site.

    School Cash Online

    Parent Letter

    Spanish Parent Letter


    Car Riders

    All car riders must register for child care.  There is a $20 child care registration fee and a $5 fee for each car rider tag. The drop in fee for child care is $7 per student and must be paid the day the student drops in.  Parents must purchase a new car rider tag each year.  The car rider tag must be hanging from the mirror.  A  STUDENT WILL NOT BE RELEASED WITHOUT A CAR TAG.  If you do not have a tag you must park in a parking spot and come into the office to sign the child out.  Please work with your child to learn their number.  THERE ARE NO RIGHT TURNS WHEN EXITING THE SCHOOL DRIVE WAY.  


    In order to be a walker students may not walk more than a mile away from school.  Walkers are dismissed on Peter's Road. Parents may meet them at the walker gate.

    Bus Riders

    To find your student's bus number and bus stop click the link below.

    Bus Info

    Child Care

    We will only offer PM bear care.  All students needing child care must be registered.  Weekly child care fees are due on the first day of the school week.  Drop ins must be paid on the day the students drop in.  A $5 late fee will be added to any late payments.  All students must be picked up before 6pm.  There will be a $1 per minute late charge for each minute you are late. Students will be removed from child care after three late pick ups.  Fees may be paid online using the school cash online site.

    $20 registration fee

    $27 weekly fee

    $7 daily drop in fee

    Registration Form

     Water Bottles Students may bring clear water bottles with them to school.  Please label each bottle with the student's name.  Only clear water is allowed.

     Policies and Procedures

    On this page you can find links to the Jefferson Parish handbook and a copy of our Boudreaux handbook.


    Some important policies to remember:

    Only Boudreaux sweatshirts and jackets are allowed to be worn in the building. These can be purchased on schoolcashonline or at Skobels Uniform Shop.

    Hoodies are not allowed on campus.  

    All students must have a mesh or clear school bag. There are no exceptions.

    Only stud ear rings are allowed. 

    Students should be in complete uniform everyday. Tennis shoes must be worn daily.  

    Please label all jackets, sweaters, lunch kits, school bags, and personal items with your child's name.


    Uniforms should be purchased at Skobel's School Uniforms. They are located at 1742 Stumpf Blvd. Gretna, LA (504) 366-6887

    Students should be in complete uniforms everyday.  The complete uniform policy can be found here.

    Uniform Policy

    Students in 1st-5th grade wear the red Boudreaux shirt.

    Students in PreK and K wear the purple Boudreaux shirt.

    Students in 6th-8th wear the blue middle school shirt.

    All students wear navy blue bottoms.  Shorts, pants, skorts,  or jumpers are allowed.  

    Tennis Shoes are to be worn daily and should be securely tied or velcroed. Slip on shoes of any type including boots are not allowed.

    All students should wear solid black or white socks only.

    Leggings must be solid navy blue, or black only. These should be worn on cold weather days.

    A solid navy blue, black, or brown belt should be worn with any bottoms that have a belt loop.

    No dangling earrings or hoops of any size should be worn.  Only studs are allowed.

    Weekly Parent Communication Folder
    Each Wednesday a red folder is sent home with each student. These folders serve as a weekly communication with the parents.  In these folders you will find notices, calendars, grade reports etc.  Please look through everything in the folder.  Please sign and return all documents and test papers the following day. 

    Report Cards 

    Report cards are issued at the end of each 9 weeks period.  The report card envelope should be signed and returned the following day.  


    Interim Reports

    Interim reports are issued midway through the nine weeks period.  A copy is kept by the parents/guardian and the other copy should be signed and returned the following day.


    JCAMPUS Student Progress Center

    The district provides the progress center as a way to monitor the student's grades and attendance electronically.  The JCAMPUS site and app is also a way to receive important announcements from the school and the district.  The information regarding the progress center will be sent home in the beginning of the school year.

     Social Media

    Please follow us on facebook and instagram.  We share information about our school, our students, and our staff.  This is a great tool to use for reminders and events.  


    @Boudreauux Elementary

    Contact Info

    It is of utmost importance that each student has a correct and updated emergency card on file.  Each student must have at least 3 working numbers of people to contact in case of an emergency. Parents and Guardians should contact the school office immediately to provide a change in phone number or email address. Phone numbers and email addresses are used throughout the school week to send updates, emergency information, and reminders.