• Audubon School

    July 31, 2020

    Hello Audubon School’s Virtual Jefferson Parents,

    Your Virtual Jefferson registration has been processed. The purpose of this email is to provide you with additional information on the Virtual Jefferson program. 

    • Students will receive instruction from a teacher and have access to other learning platforms. 
    • Lessons will follow district pacing guidelines and be aligned to Louisiana StateStandards. 
    • Students will complete all assignments by the due date/time assigned by the teacher. 
    • Teachers will engage students daily in learning and provide feedback on student work weekly.
    • Students must report to class virtually every day at the designated class time during the school day. 
    • Your child’s teacher will take attendance every day.
    •  Student assignments and tests will be graded and recorded in JCampus.
    •  Students will receive interim reports and report cards.
    •  Students who receive accommodations and additional services will continue to receive those services.
    •  Students must wear his/her uniform shirt and their choice of pants or shorts during virtual class.
    •  Students will be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities offered by the school.
    •  Families will receive an appointment for virtual orientation and technology pick-up prior to the start of school.
    •  Virtual Jefferson students may remain virtual students the entire school year, however, all registered students must commit to a full nine-week period.

    We are excited to partner with you as we provide your family with a virtual learning option. You will receive a schedule in the mail soon. Please review with your child and discuss the expectations around being in class each day at the designated class period and grading expectations.

    To help your child get ready for virtual learning, you may want to begin preparing his/her work space with comfortable seating and proper lighting. The space should be located close to an electrical outlet in case your child's device is not fully charged. We are committed to continuous improvement, and welcome your feedback and recommendations to the program.