Technology Help Site



     *Resources For Faculty & Staff:

     JPS Tech Operations page.

     JPS Employees Resources page.




    *Helpful Tips For Students & Families:

    How to use the most popular learning platforms: check out these resources

    How to connect your chromebook to your house Wifi (English)(Spanish)

    How to login to Google Classroom and Clever (English)(Spanish)

    Have a question about your lessons or instructions: Email your classroom Teacher

    How to log into Class Dojo: (Video)

    How to log into Google: (Video

    How to naviagte Google Classroom: (Video)

    How to use Google Meet: (Video)

    iReady User Guide for Parents: (File)


    Lastly, the number one issue people have is with their log in for the chromebook and with Google.  Check these things before calling for help.

    1. Most usernames are first name.last name@jpschools.org (Tom Benson = tom.benson@jpschools.org)
    2. If you have a hyphen in your last name, take the hyphen out.
    3. Some common names may have a number added. Make sure you do not have a number in your log in.
    4. Your password must be seven digits. If it is not seven digits, add a zero in front.