• COVID-19 Testing Information for Families and Employees

    Access to testing is one way Jefferson Parish Schools is helping to reduce the risk of COVID-19 on campus. Families are encouraged to get tested through one of the many community testing sites. At many of these sites, testing is free for people without insurance. As an added layer of safety, Jefferson Parish employees have access to free rapid testing through Ochsner Urgent Care. For more information on testing locations for families and employees, see below.

  • Overview of Ochsner Rapid Testing Program for Employees

    As a part of the Ochsner Safe Return to Schools Program, we teamed up with Ochsner to quickly determine if an employee has COVID-19 and take the appropriate precautions to mitigate the spread and disruptions to learning.  This rapid testing will allow another layer of safety for employees and students to ensure that we mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and disruptions to learning. At this time, students or family members are not included in the Jefferson Parish Schools Ochsner Rapid Testing Program.

    As a part of the Ochsner Safe Return to Schools Program, symptomatic Jefferson Parish Schools employees or employees that have a known exposure to a lab-confirmed COVID positive case have priority access to testing at one of these locations. Click here to view a list of the Ochsner Health Urgent Cares and their location details.

    It is recommended that the symptomatic employee be tested right away. Exposed employees should wait until day five or later after initial exposure to be tested.

    Below are the steps for symptomatic employees and schools to access the program:

    1. Symptomatic employees call their school’s office to speak to the school nurse.
    2. The school nurse gives symptomatic employees a number to call to schedule a visit to an Ochsner Health Urgent Care.
    3. Symptomatic employees call the designated Ochsner number.
    4. Ochsner staff gathers information needed and registers symptomatic employees.
    5. Symptomatic employees arrive at the Ochsner Health Urgent Care they’ve been instructed to go to and sign in. 
    6. Once the symptomatic employees are able to be seen, they receive a Rapid Test.
    7. Symptomatic employees either 1) wait at the Urgent Care for results or 2) leave to go home and check results on MyOchsner. The results should be available by the end of day, if not before.
    8. Employees’ insurance will be billed for the test at no cost to the employee. If employees don’t have insurance, there will be no cost to the employee.
    9. While they are at the Urgent Care, symptomatic employees can decide on their own to see a provider, but it is not required. If employees choose to see a provider, normal provider fees are incurred based on the employees’ insurance.