• Airline Park Policies & Procedures

    We look forward to your child learning new and challenging information for this school year. At Airline Park Academy, we provide a safe, caring and academic environment so that our children become successful in their learning goals to advance to the next grade level. We have included on this page an overview of the school’s handbook, however, it is important that you read the entire handbook for a full understanding of the rules at our school.


    7:20 am School starts.
    Students arriving after 7:20 am are considered tardy. Students may not arrive on campus before 6:50 am (unless in morning child care program.) Car drop off gate closes at 7:15 am to ensure that all students are in class for 7:20 am.
    2:10 pm Dismissal.


    Parent and/or doctors’ notes should be sent to the office when a student is absent. Notes must be received within 5 days of the absence.


    Please do not part in the bus circle during student arrival and dismissal times as our buses must have access. The parking lot on Condon Street is for faculty and visitors. Please park in the spaces along the fence and the middle row. The row nearest Condon Street is reserved for the church across the street. Please do not park in the row nearest the street.


    Teachers have five (45 minute) planning periods each week while students are at physical education. Parents can schedule a conference with teachers on their planning time. You may call the office or contact the teacher directly in writing or by email to schedule. Teaching time will not be interrupted.


    Field trips are an enrichment activity to expand the educational experience at our school. All students are given the opportunity to participate in school field trips. They must demonstrate appropriate behaviors on campus to be included in an off-campus event. Permission slips are required prior to the trip.


    Please update telephone and address changes in the office as soon as they occur.. It is very important that the school has at least two telephone numbers where the parents, a relative, or a friend of the child can be reached in case of illness or accident.