• Carpool Procedures


    Parents have the option to drive their students to school and/or pick them up at the end of the school day.  Please view the graphic below for a visual representation of traffic flow to and from campus.


    This year, carpool will line up on Stumpf Boulevard.  Cars should line up in the right hand lane to allow traffic to flow freely around the carpool lane.  PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK ANY DRIVEWAYS OR STREETS.  You will enter the first Thomas Jefferson driveway approching from Stumpf Boulevard.  


    The carpool gate opens at 7:45 am.  To help expedite drop off, please have your student ready with their things gathered and encourage them to hustle out of the car.  Do not stop along the way and drop the students off before the turn towards the gym as this is a safety issue.  Students will enter the gym as they make their way to the breezeway.  Remember, the car pool line can take a few minutes to get through.  Parents should allow enough time to pass through the carpool line and have their student unloaded before the bell rings at 8:15 am.  Students must reach their homeroom class before the tardy bell.  Stuck in the carpool line is not an excused tardy. 


    When exiting the carpool lane, do not take the first opening on Gretna Boulevard just to the right of the car pool exit if you are trying to turn to head towards Stumpf Boulevard.  This turn backs up and causes a delay in the carpool line.  You should continue down Gretna Boulevard to the next U-turn. We know it is an extra block but it helps to keep the carpool line moving for drop off and pick up.


    In the afternoon, the process is repeated.  Please note, the carpool gate will not be opened until approximately 3:20 pm.  


    Below you will find a campus map to help you navigate the carpool procedure.  


    Parents, please do not drop your students off in the front circle as this is for bus loading and unloading only. 


    Please do not drop your student off or pick your student up on Gretna Boulevard.  This is a major safety concern for our students as the road gets congested during carpool times.  Cars stopping and merging suddenly can cause an accident and/or injury.


  • Carpool Map