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    As your students grow from middle school to high school, you will notice they do not bring home as much information as they did in elementary school.  This is not necessarily because the school sends home less information, but more likely that your student does not bring it home to you!  It is as if the bottom of their school bag becomes a black hole for important papers. 


    To help parents stay informed regarding the various activities and events at Thomas Jefferson Academy, we created the "Jaguar Parent Organization" Facebook page.  If you are on Facebook, please "Like" and "Follow" our page.  Ms Kytina, the Account Clerk, is the webmaster for the school.  When she learns of events, activities, or important information that the students will be bringing home to you, she posts that information on the website and will pass that information on to the JPO Facebook Page.  It is one of the easiest ways to stay informed about what is happening at Thomas Jefferson Academy.