Minutes in Minutes: June 3, 2020

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Second Readings

    • There were no Second Readings at the June 3 Board Meeting

Consent Agenda Highlights

First Readings

    • Move that, effective June 6, 2020, a vacancy in the office of superintendent be declared, and that the Board approve an interim superintendent for fill the office while a search is conducted for a permanent replacement from that date until a permanent replacement is chosen.
    • Motion was amended by Mark C Morgan to read as follows: Move that Lale L Geer be appointed to Acting Superintendent.
    • Move that the Board begin a search for a new superintendent, following the required legal provisions to do so, and that the Board advertise twice for applicants for the position in the official journal, at least a week apart, that the advertisement contains the minimum requirements for a superintendent under the law and whatever additional qualifications the Board may add, and that, after the requisite time has passed, the Board meet to select a new superintendent. The notice for applicants will also be placed on the system web site.