• Leo Kerner Supply List 23-24

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    PRE-K 3

    PRE-K 4


    First  Grade 


    1 rest mat (1’ red and blue, 4 way fold)

    1 FAT pencil

    1 box JUMBO crayons

    1 set watercolor paint with a brush

    1 box of 20 play dough cups

    1 large bottle of glue

    1 zipper pouch

    3 packages baby wipes

    2 liquid hand  soap

    1 box quart size zipper bags

    1 box gallon size zipper bags

    3 box kleenex

    1 bag kinetic sand

    1 box 100 tiny cups

    1 case water bottles

    Zipper bag with change of clothes including underwear. Label with name.

    SMALL blanket or towel with name. NO pillows or mat covers.

    Velcro/ elastic shoes (NO laces)

    Backpack-No rolling bags, large enough to fit a 9x12 folder and towel/blanket

    1- rest mat (1” red and blue, 4 way fold)

    1- child size towel/blanket

    4 - packs of 8ct. LARGE ( NO JUMBO) Crayola brand crayons 

    2- Elmer’s  glue sticks

    1- 1” 3 ring white binder with clear view cover

    1- pk of standard weight sheet protectors

    1- roll of Scotch double stick tape

    1-  bottle of hand soap

    2 - pks of baby wipes

    2 - boxes of kleenex

    1 - box of gallon zip lock bags

    1 - pair of headphones-(NO EARBUDS or Bluetooth)


    1 - box of snack size zip lock bags (no portion)

    1 - pk of cardstock 


    1- box of quart zip lock bags

    1 - pk of colored copy paper 

    Velcro/Elastic shoes (NO LACE-UPS)

    1 set of extra clothes in a LABELED Ziplock including:  extra purple uniform shirt, shorts/pants,  underwear and socks 

    LABEL these items:

    1 school bag with 2 shoulder straps- NO WHEELS or drawstrings

    1- fabric zipper pouch

    1-  pair of headphones- Over the ear- NO EARBUDS


    1- pair Scissors (blunt tip)

    1- Primary Journal (not composition- picture spot on top, writing lines on bottom)

    5- plastic pocket folders -no prongs needed, SOLID COLORS: 1 red , 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 orange 

    DO NOT LABEL these items:

    24- YELLOW #2 Pencils, skinny SHARPENED

    2- large pink erasers

    12- Glue sticks 

    10- Dry Erase markers —BLACK ONLY—NO COLORS

    1-  box of Kleenex

    2-  containers of baby wipes

    2-  rolls of paper towels

    2- 4 pack playdough- 4 oz cans (8 cans total)

    Boys-1 Box of Gallon Ziploc 

    Girls-1 Box of Quart Ziploc

    **1 set of extra clothes in a

    LABELED Ziploc including: extra purple shirt (does not need logo), shorts/pants, underwear, and socks.

    1- book bag with 2 shoulder straps, no wheels

    48- pre sharpened, #2 pencils

    2-red ink pens

    6- black dry erase markers

    4- yellow highlighters

    2 pks- 24 count crayons

    2 pks- washable markers

    1- blunt tip scissors

    2- jumbo glue sticks

    4- large pink erasers

    1- white binder with clear view cover (Size ½ inch) 

    2- heavy duty plastic purple pocket folders with fasteners

    4- wide ruled composition notebooks

    1- pack of index cards

    1 pack of bright color copy paper (not construction)

    1- set of headphones (NO EARBUDS)

    1- plastic pencil box (No fabric pouches)

    1- box of tissue

    1-Roll of paper towels

    1 pack of baby wipes

    Boys: 1 box sandwich size ziplocs

    Girls: 1 box of gallon Ziplocs

    Second Grade 

    Third Grade 

    Fourth Grade 

    Fifth Grade 

    1 backpack with 2 shoulder straps with no wheels or drawstrings 

    1 set of headphones (no earbuds)


    1 large  zipper pouch

    60 yellow  Sharpened #2 pencils

    1 package of red pens

    4 yellow  highlighters 

    4 large pink erasers

    4 packages of 24 count crayons

    1 pack of index cards

    5 black and white  composition books 

    1 heavy  Plastic purple pocket Folder with prongs(Daily Communication)

    1 heavy plastic green pocket folder with prongs (Homework)

    1 pair of blunt tip scissors

    6  glue sticks

    6 THIN black dry erase markers

    3 boxes of tissues 

    2 rolls of  paper towels

    2 hand sanitizer

    Boys: gallon zip locks 

              colored copy paper

    Girls: quart zip locks 

               white copy paper

    1 book bag

    2 boxes of 24 crayons

    8 dry erase markers 

    50 pencils

    1 pack of colored pens

    2 jumbo erasers

    4 highlighters

    8 glue sticks

    5 composition books


    5 plastic pocket folders with bands (purple for math, blue for ELA, green for social studies, orange for science, yellow for homework)

    1 pack of copy paper

    1 pencil pouch 

    1 pair of headphones or earbuds

    4 boxes of tissue

    2 rolls  of paper towels

    Girls gallon size Ziploc bags

    Boys snack size Ziploc bags

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 book bag 

    4 plastic folders with prongs (Math – green, ELA-purple , Science – blue, Social Studies – yellow

    headphones(no earbuds) 

    1 zippered pouch for daily supplies (NO boxes) 

    8 packs of #2 sharpened pencils (NO mechanical pencils)

    1 pack of yellow highlighters       24 count of crayons and colored pencils

    1 subject notebook for Science (blue)

    4-composition books(2-Math and 2-ELA)

    1 pack of pencil cap erasers

    1 pack of sticky notes                       

    2 boxes of Kleenex

    1 roll of paper towels

    1 pack of  copy paper

    1 book bag 

    1 zipper pouch

    48 Sharpened #2 pencils

    4 red pens/pencils

    4 highlighters (thin yellow)

     packs of blue/black ink pens (NO GEL!)

    1 pack of cap erasers to fit on pencils

    1 large pink erasers

    24 count crayons/ colored pencils

    1 pack of markers

    1 pair of blunt tip scissors

    1 pack of dry erase markers

    3  3- subj. Notebooks (Purple- ELA; Red-Social Studies; Blue: Science)

    4 Plastic Folders with prongs(1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 purple)

    1 pack of copy paper

    Earbuds/ headphones

    2 boxes of Kleenex

    1 roll paper towels

    1 pack of sanitizing wipes

    1 Hand sanitizer

    Boys: quart zip locks

    Girls: gallon zip locks